FL – 100
$4.99 for sq ft $2.49 for sq ft Add to cart

FL – 100

$4.99 for sq ft $2.49 for sq ft


Size :- 36″X36″

Colour :- Carrara white with veins

Thickness :- 9mm

One Box – 2PCS – 18Sq Ft

Water Absorption < 0.05%

Product Price

Size :- 36″X36″

Colour :- Carrara white with veins

Thickness :- 9m

Water Absorption < 0.05%

Why Porcelain Tiles?

Why pick porcelain tile when there are so many other options for flooring? Porcelain tile is not only beautiful, but it is also superior for a variety of reasons. Each porcelain tile maker has its unique formula, although clay is always the main component, along with sand, feldspar, quartz, and water. Though tiles were prepared by hand and sun-dried or fired in a small kiln, today’s tiles are formed from super-fine porcelain clay and burnt at extremely high temperatures, resulting in thick, robust tiles.

There are 5 main reasons to choose Porcelain Tiles.

1-Least Maintenance

Spills can be easily cleaned on porcelain tile floors, which do not require specific maintenance. It can be clean without soap with clear water and a pH-neutral liquid cleanser. In cold temperatures, porcelain tile will not freeze, discolor, or break, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is also less slippery than regular tiles.

2-Natural resistance to scratch and Stains.

Because of its natural resistance to stains and dirt penetration, porcelain tile is popular. It’s also resistant to scratches and wetness. Porcelain, according to the Tile Council of North America, is innately thick, making it tough to penetrate and ideal for moist areas.

3-Porcelain for Individuality

Porcelain tile improves a living area and appeals to every personality and need in a home, whether used in a great room, foyer, or main luxury bedroom. However, all porcelain tiles have personality and flair.

4- Longevity and adaptability

Because earthy clays are combined with water and transformed by fire, porcelain tile is exceptionally durable. It is also non-flammable, anti-bacterial, and emits no VOCs. Because of its durability, porcelain tile is also ideal for outdoor usage.

5- Lifespan

Porcelain tile is timeless, has a longer lifespan than other forms of flooring, and can be customized to match any décor need. It is appropriate for a busy family, a bustling household, or an appealing corporate environment.


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